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WordPress Integration

Written on June 24th, 2011



The success of your social networks can partially depend upon proper integration with your existing network of websites, blogs and sales pages. The goal is to create one cohesive branding experience that your customers can connect with whichever way they feel most comfortable. Some people check their Facebook fanatically, while others prefer to sit back and receive updates to their inbox via RSS feed.


Nuesion offers you total WordPress feed integration, which – trust us – is a Godsend once you see how it works! Imagine a world where you’re not wasting 30 to 60 precious minutes of your day simply copy-and-pasting your blog link to re-post on various channels. We can tweak your site so when you click “Post,” your blog is automatically broadcast to your Twitter followers, your Facebook fans, your RSS subscribers, updates your LinkedIn profile and your email signature!

WordPress Integration Email Signature
WordPress Integration Email Signature


Are you ready for the whipped cream and cherry on top? We also make sure your post is promoted to search engines like Google and Bing as soon as your blog is live, so you get the best possible visibility! You may think your WordPress site is being viewed, but with 500,000 new WordPress posts going up each DAY, who really knows for sure? Not every WordPress site gets the visibility it deserves, but with Nuesion services, we’ll take care of everything your business needs to catch the discerning eye of the search engine bots.

Here’s a little video we made a while back that shows how an optimal WordPress setup can garner great results.

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