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Professional Voicemail Greeting – Order Online

Professional Voicemail Greeting – Order Online

Nuesion Professional Phone Greetings
[socialize type=horizontal align=right]No one wants to speak to a machine. Enhance your phone presence with high quality Phone/Voicemail greetings that are sure to allow your customers to feel confident in your business. A professional, clean, and high quality voice message creates a bond of confidence with your customers.

This has been a long standing standard with large corporations that have stood the test of time. With a professional voice over talent creating your professional audio message, you’ll present a professional and personal touch to your business’ automated voicemail system. No strange words are invented by a robot or mispronounced words when you choose Nuesion to create your high quality voice message.

Here’s a sample of our own Voicemail Greeting:
[audio:|titles=Voicemail Greeting|artists=Nuesion]
NAMC Texas Office Voicemail Greeting:
[audio:|titles=NAMC Voicemail Greeting|artists=Nuesion]
Sample of Female Greeting w/ British Accent:
[audio:|titles=Female w/ British Accent Greeting|artists=Nuesion]
Sample of Female Greeting w/ American Accent:
[audio:|titles=Female w/ American Accent|artists=Nuesion]
Voicemail Greeting Packages One Recording Three Recordings Larger Orders

Number of Recordings and Time

1 x 60secs 3 x 60secs ? x 60secs

Selection of Style and Talent
Including Gender, Accent, and more

Delivery Time

within 24hrs within 24hrs Varies

Includes Free 30 Day Trial to
Leading Virtual Phone System

Multiple Extensions
Internet Fax
Dedicated fax number
True 800 number
Mobile phone integration
Free iPhone App
and much more