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Nuesion Web Marketing Video: Online Impersonation Threat Prevention Tips

Nuesion Web Marketing Video: Online Impersonation Threat Prevention Tips

Be aware of the dangers of online imposters discrediting your name, company name, or brand

Nuesion Networks: Revolutionists’ in Web Marketing bring another installment discussing the real threat of online impersonation via social networking sites, blogs, and websites. Regardless if you’re planning to marketing online you have a prevention plan before it happens.


Jabel: Hello, I’m Jabel Ngo with, Nuesion Networks: Revolutionists’ in online marketing.

Online impersonation & personal reputation management is important no matter how big or small your company may be. Securing your name on social media sites; especially in a world where mass media rules- should not be taken lightly.

Just by looking at me, you can tell that I am not Tom Hanks or Nicole Kidman… but that’s not the point…the point is—in the online world, would you really be able to tell? Your name could be at risk if you don’t take the first step in securing it.

Jerry: Online impersonation is a serious threat and a growing trend. It could be someone who is an admirer of your company or someone who is unaware of your companies’ existence or also someone who has malicious intent.

If your name is available in these systems someone can grab your username, start up a blog or even start up a website dedicated to misleading your audience.

If you plan on marketing on search engines or never plan to marketing at all, it’s actually much easier to prevent this from happening than to take down an imposter.

You need to be aware of the possibilities of someone negatively impersonating you online. If you need help with your online social status or on your online assets: Nuesion can help.

Jabel: One thing you can do is to perform an ‘ego-search.’ Type in your name or company name in top search engines like Google, and see what comes up. Anything that comes up that seems questionable or you did not post, needs attention!

Jerry: Nuesion is still here to help. Visit our website at where you can find our contact information as well as our blog. Feel free to submit a question for Video series. I’ll see you then.