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10 Reason to Create a WordPress Website | Nuesion.com

One of our favorite things to do is to design WordPress websites. We love them, and you should too! WordPress  can be the perfect solution for your website needs. We’ve helped hundreds of Houston companies with their custom web development and web design and we always recommend WordPress to them. Why?

Here is a few reasons why we think WordPress is so great.

1.) Free Open Source

We often get asked, “What is WordPress? Isn’t that for people who run blogs?”. Yes, WordPress is immensely popular with bloggers, but it is not only for blogging anymore! The use of WordPress to run websites, including corporate and eCommerce sites has grown tremendously and has become a viable option when you consider building a website for your business.
Wordpress.org  is an Open Source content management system that is FREE for you to use forever. Unlike most other “free” or “open source” systems that have hidden agendas, WordPress.org will never start charging you when you hit a certain size, and will not restrict parts of the coding to you  for not paying them a fee. This is why has made WordPress so successful. No fees, no surprises, just a great platform to build a website on.

2.) Google Loves WordPress

If Google and WordPress could have babies, they’d be some amazing SEO ninjas. One of the services that we offer our customers is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. If you are looking to target specific customers using your website and any search engine., SEO should be at the top of your to-do list. WordPress has worked hard to make sure their system stays updated on Google’s latest algorithm and offers it’s customers great coding to make sure their website gets noticed by Google’s bots.

3.) Flexibility of uses

Whatever your need are for a website, WordPress system can likely handle them. By working with a custom WordPress website designer, you can create your website to function just as you envision whether its for a blog, business website or an online store.

4.) Easy Content Updating

Updating content on WordPress is so easy. WordPress has made it super simple for users to update their websites with new content, new pages and various other additions to keep their website fresh in the search engines.

5.) Grows with your website.

Big or small, WordPress can handle it. Think your company is too big to work on WordPress. Think again, Check out this list of  Notable Users which include names like General Motors, CNN & Forbes. WordPress is designed to cater to websites big and small and as your companies grows, it’s simple to expand with your company’s growing needs.

6.) Easy to Update.

WordPress is amazingly easy to update for security and when new functionality is available. When a new version of WordPress is available, you are giving and easy link for a one-click upgrade. These periodic updates are priority to help keep your website safe. Nuesion always recommends that when the upgrades are available that you check with your web designer to make sure your current design is compatible, as well as, make sure a currently back up copy of your site is available in case for any reason something goes wrong. We are always happy to assist our customers in these updates.

7.) Styling is E.A.S.Y.

Think you are stuck with some boring old template you find on the internet for your website because you are using WordPress? WRONG! Nuesion specializes in creating custom WordPress website. Check out some of our work!

8.) Ease of Use

With about 60 minutes, you can learn the WordPress basics and on your way to updating and managing your own website.

9.)Lower Cost

Developing a website from the ground up can be costly, but WordPress helps you keep building a website within you budget by offers you great functionality features through Plug-ins and Add-ons. There is no need to build items from the ground up when they can be purchased and integrated into your system.

10.) Endless possibilities

The list of things you can do within a WordPress website is amazing. Whether you’d like to run a social network, just host a company blog or manage an eCommerce store, the functionality is available!

Are you ready to build your custom WordPress website? Need some more information before you get started? Get in touch with us via email or call us at 1-800-870-3721.


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