What is Infographic Design and Why You Should Use It.

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Infographics are pictorial representations of information used by brands that help break down complex information, relay statistics and tell a story visually. While they have long been used in newspaper journalism, many online magazines and brands are now using these fun images to tell a story or showcase their data. Our Houston web professionals find that infographics are a great way to “go viral” and encourage the sharing of your information and your brand.

According to LinkBuildr.com, “Marketing your infographics properly is a sure-fire way to snag natural links, build brand buzz and gain social media followers. It’s a form of content creation that is relatively inexpensive to do and can continue to bring in links for years to come.”

How you can use infographics for your small business:

  • To compare “Then & Now” data, side-by-side

    Infographic by the US Census Bureau |Nuesion.com

    Infographic by the US Census Bureau


  • To compare two seemingly unrelated things

    Infographic by GOOD - Burning Fuel | Nuesion.com

    Infographic By GOOD

  • To show a complex process easily

    Infographic by DNAPolicy |Nuesion.com

    Infographic by DNAPolicy

  • To provide a history lesson or show a timeline

    Lego Brick 50th Anniversary by Jesus Diaz | Nuesion.com

    Infographic by Jesus Diaz

  • To organize a lot of statistics

Pet Obsessed by Mint Infographic | Nuesion.com

Infographic by Mint


  • To entertain your visitors and give them a good chuckle

How Americans See Europe by Infographic World | Nuesion.com

Infographic by Infographic World. Source

So…how do you make infographics for your business?

Step One:  Refine your data using resources like Google Docs, Google Refine, Apple Numbers and Textmate.

Step Two: Sketch your concept. Put together ideas of what you want it to look like and what you’d like to include.

Step Three: Use scripts to generate vector graphics, learn JavaScript, buy and teach yourself PhotoShop and export to Adobe.

Those three steps probably don’t seem that easy, unless you specialize in making infographics like we do here at Nuesion.  We love to work with clients and help them organize their statistics or story into a visually compelling infographic that will earn them some much deserved attention!

Here’s a cool infographic that we made:

What clients love most about Nuesion’s approach to infographic designs is that we break everything down into a simple, digestible and compelling graphic. We make sure your infographics are not too detailed or cluttered so that people enjoy looking at them. We want your visitors to be able to easily absorb your data, understand what you are trying to convey and be eager to share it out to their sphere of people! Nuesion’s web designers aim to make infographics that are for the masses, rather than an elite group of geeks.

What We Can Do For You…

Not only can we create awesome infographic designs for you, but we can also work on any web development project that you have. It’s also true that we’re based out of Houston, Texas — and that we love when our clients drop in to hang out — but we can also service any brand in the United States, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick, free quote on your infographic or project!



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