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Houston web design is not just about making a website that is professional-looking or functional, necessarily. Sometimes it’s about making your website fun and memorable enough to leave a lasting impression! These days, people aren’t just interested in your products or services — they are interested in your brand… your back-story, your people, your ethos. As Meredith K. Schwab, a world-class Etsy jewelry designer explained, ” I discovered it was beneficial to market myself… in addition to my business.  People respond to ‘behind the scenes’ information about my work and me as an individual.” This holds true on your website as well.

You Can Be Fun, Without Being Silly…

You want to maintain an air of professionalism, of course. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t allude to the fact that you have some colorful characters at your workplace. Check out some of these super fun “About” pages…

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Andrew tells you just what he’s about, gives you info on his skill sets and makes you chuckle with his “facts.” That’s just the sort of personality people want to work with!

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How can you not love that Mail Chimp? They made this cute mascot the heart of their business, but also has a customer-centric “What We’re All About” section. Experts say the best “About” pages are not necessarily about the company… but rather, about the customer. That is certainly true here.

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This team photo is just priceless! Immediately, you can tell this is a young, hip company with employees who love what they do and have a lot of fun at work.

houston web design

You have to love a company where every employee gets his or her own bobblehead! This unique “About” page definitely fits the bill for out-of-the-box thinking and is very memorable and fun.

Fun Can Be An Experience Too…

Our Houston web design firm occasionally receives a client who wants a website that is engaging and fun. For instance, here is a dynamic site that you really have to visit to get the full effect of…

The Converge site is cool because there is a radical dinosaur illustration… but as you scroll down to the “meat” of the story, layers strip away from the dinosaur as well, so you can see his muscles and his cyborg underbelly. How cool!

Another website we absolutely love is this one…

houston web design

Going to the interactive MediaBoom website is like riding the tram at DisneyWorld. The music, movement and narration make you never want to leave. It’s easy to see why this firm has won Webby Awards.

If you’d like to turn a complex idea to break down, then an interactive website like Slavery Footprint might be a better way to tell your story and make an impact.

houston web designVisitors click to learn more about slavery worldwide and even take a quiz to see if any slaves may be working for them.

Are You Looking For A Fun Web Design?

Whether you are in Houston or not, we’d love to help with your next web design project. Our Houston web design firm loves when clients drop by the office to hang out, watch a few YouTube videos and tell us how business is doing. But we understand if you’re just perusing the internet looking for a company that understands your needs from afar. We can help you too!

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