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Our Favorite WordPress Site Designs

As a client-focused Houston web design firm, we’re always on the look out for WordPress site aesthetics that appeal to us and might also appeal to our business friends. We didn’t design all of the best WordPress sites on the web, but we can replicate any look or feel out there. It’s good to take a step outside of your own business on occasion and see what websites dazzle your eyes. It’s amazing how different WordPress websites can be when you get to tinkering around.

Here are 10 WordPress site looks that caught our eyes recently…

10 Favorite WordPress Site Designs

1. We love the N-Design Studio’s unconventional use of color and tattoo-like artwork…

custom web design

2. We like the easy navigation and oversized images on the Creative Ad Awards WordPress site

custom web design

3. We feel URB really nailed the magazine theme layout on this one…

custom web design

4. We liked how the colors pop and dazzle the eyes with 101 Holidays’ custom web design

custom web design

5. It’s wonderful how Shawn Groves put his latest blog front and center with this WordPress site layout…

custom site design

6. Logo Realty Associates created a nice aesthetic through use of illustration, widget size and font choice…

wordpress design

7. Lake Nona is an attractive WordPress site that creates a sense of place that makes you want to be there…

custom web design

8. Don’t you just love Bear Grylls? His Live WordPress site doesn’t disappoint. The header, the wording: it’s epic.

wordpress design

9. We love how the use of color and imagery of this Egyptian travel WordPress site evokes a certain mood…

custom web design

10. Well, okay… we had to sneak at least one of our sites here!

houston web design

 Here’s a WordPress site we did for our friends at Chicken Kitchen Houston. (If you haven’t been there, the “Fajito Wrapito” is out-of-this-world!) Anyway, what we wanted to do with this WordPress design was use an uncommon color that would stand out from the competition. Gold adds a sort of opulence and sophistication that says: “This isn’t your local KFC or fast food joint!” We wanted a clean navigation menu and a way to showcase all the dynamic, changing content their site offers. We loved their mission statement and thought they had quite the food photographer, so we wanted to put their “About” page front and center.

If you’d like a WordPress site or custom web design for your business, please contact us for a quote within 24 hours. We work with businesses big and small! Call 1-800-870-3721 or contact us any way you feel comfortable.