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Category: Tips and Trends

Avoid These Top 4 Houston Web Design Mistakes

As an experienced Houston web company, we naturally come across a lot of websites that are in dire need of repair. The owners of those websites always admit that they’ve known for a while their site needed an upgrade, but they weren’t…

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Houston Newsletter Design? No Worries!

A custom designed newsletter has all the bells and whistles to capture attention and a great read-through rate. WHY YOU NEED A CUSTOM NEWSLETTER DESIGN You can achieve a uniform branding experience across all media when you use the same aesthetic…

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WordPress Integration

[socialize] CONNECT WORDPRESS TO YOUR WORLD The success of your social networks can partially depend upon proper integration with your existing network of websites, blogs and sales pages. The goal is to create one cohesive branding experience that your customers can…

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Make an Infographic Design

INFOGRAPHICS ARE THE HOTTEST NEW TREND IN DESIGN & MARKETING WHY WE LOVE INFOGRAPHICS (AND WHY YOU SHOULD TOO!) Design professionals and marketers alike are always looking for the best way to engage readers and get clear messages across. The birth…

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Need A Houston WordPress Pro?

Are you looking for THE BEST in Houston WordPress? There are over 20 million websites powered by WordPress today, making it one of the most popular platforms for small to large sized businesses. According to WordPress statistics, over 301 million people…

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How To Import A Custom iPhone Voicemail Greeting

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e’ve had a lot of customers for our Professional Voicemail Greeting Services who want to use their new recording on their iphone voicemail greeting. Currently the only option right now would be to play the audio file from one source while…

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Do You Own a Domain? Is Your Domain Expiring in Less Than a Year? It Could Be Hurting Your Google Search Results?

The 1 thing you can do today that may help your business website’s listing on Google results…. Domain Expiration. Recently, we came across interesting information about how renewing your domain longer than one year at a time might help with your…

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Houston Website Development

Web development is the back-end of the website, the programming and interactions on the pages. A web developer focuses on how a site works and how the customers get things done on it. Good web developers know how to program CGI…

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Groupon WordPress – Groupon Clone & Group Buying Script – We Can Develop For You

There is no denying the popularity of GroupBuy sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and so many more. We’ve been approached by many clients about creating a group buying site like these. There is still room for Group Buying sites targeting niche categories….

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